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01. Providing for Today

Vital Oil &
Natural Gas

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02. Innovations

Know How

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03. Industry

Energy &


Oil & Gas Exploration Activities in Myanmar Onshore


Wildcat, Infill and Development Wells Drilling


Production Oil & Gas Fields and Facilities


Health, Safety and Environment Management


Cooperate Social Responsibility Activities

Message From Managing Director

We will fulfil our country energy needs by developing unexplored, low commercial reservoir for international investors but we can take this riskey opportunity by our robust desire and management.

Mr. Win Ko
Chairman & Managing Director

01. Upcoming Myanmar Oil & Gas Sector Development


Myanmar Oil and Gas industry is withstanding tremendous transformation, challenged to remain operationally effective, whilst maintaining margins surrounded by fluctuating commodity prices and enduring the highest downtime cost of any industry in such an increasingly complex marketplace.

Accordingly, current O&G operators need to simplify their businesses to drive efficiency, protect profits, manage the massive volume of mission-critical data across disparate silos, maintain ageing infrastructure, and juggle the effects of a decreasing skilled workforce.

Even during significant industry downturns and cost pressure, we desire to ensure that we do not affect the efficiency, safety, environment or reliability of our operations.

02.  Optimizing Cost And Maximizing Recovery


ONEPM will carry out effective operating cost saving and maximizing production by following strategic ways

  • Front end planning with HSE priority
  • Engineering Design Management and Sustainable Operations with national workforce
  • Monitoring, Controlling and Evaluation
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03. Green Environment


The global community is relying on Oil & Gas Industry as a main energy supply for their daily lives.

The oil and gas industry essentially includes two parts: 'upstream” the exploration and production sector of industry; and “downstream’-the sector which deals with refining and processing of oil and gas products, distributing and marketing Petroleum products.

Petroleum is a complex mixture of many components and can pollute easily to environment from spills and emissions, Accidents and fire. With the purpose of consistency with green environment, We, ONEPM will approach:

  • Systematically participates environmental issues into business decisions through the company management system;
  • Consider all environmental impact potential
  • Prevent pollution from Company’s operating activities
  • Apply International and local government guidelines
  • Monitoring, reporting and control
  • Work with Multi-stakeholders for better tomorrow

Senior Management


Our Senior Management Team - 2020

Innovative Wildcatter

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We will maximize country energy by exploit developing and operating oil & gas facilities with international standard through innovation, competence and simplicity.
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